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The Nia Foundation

“We work with students at various public, private and charter schools”

Founded by a Licensed Educational Psychologist, we recognized the need to design a California Uniform Compliance Guide to support all schools in maintaining Special Education (SPED) Compliance.

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Proactive Legal Support

We serve as expert witnesses for civil and criminal cases where an evaluation of the evidence or an in-depth evaluation is necessary to shed light on the facts in a case. And much more…

  • We service grades Kindergarten through Twelve
  • We offer 30-40 hours of instructional tutoring (Depending upon the PPA)
  • · We use only credentialed teachers 
  •  At least 50-60% of our staff has special education credentials.
Study Guide

We offer a study guide for the Licensed Educational Psychologists Exam for the State of California.

* Used by over 100 School Psychologists

* 88% Success Rate

* Study Cards Available (January 2015)

* Discount for California Association of School Psychologists (CASP) Member

Independent Educational Evaluations

We conduct thorough Psycho-Educational and Speech evaluations for Public, Private, and Charter Schools. We also provide extensive, accurate evaluations for  Legal Agencies.

Career Opportunities

If you are committed to excellence and are interested in working with young people full or part-time as a Special Educational Case Manager, Tutor, Resource Teacher, Counselor, Speech Therapist, or School Psychologist.  Then this could be an opportunity for you!

Building Distant Learning Skills

Are You Ready To Further Develop Your Teaching Skills For Distance Learning?

Parental Empowerment Workshops

Infusing Procedural Rights For The Family

Training for Effective Universal Design

For Learning Instructional Strategies

Our Mission & Vision

The NIA Foundation, Inc. was founded on our namesake’s principle of ‘purpose’ and we have embedded that in the services we provide, the people we entrust to carry out our mission, and the communities we assist.  We prioritize support for special education services with direct pupil and family services in culturally competent, racially sensitive, and LGBTQ+ friendly ways. Inclusion is part of our DNA and fabric and our staff reflects this.  The NIA Foundation, Inc. hires and trains service providers who are committed not only to academic excellence but the overall wellbeing of students and families.  Furthermore, we hold the charter schools, public and non-public schools, districts, and counties we partner with to these same standards. 


533 S. Harvard Blvd. Suite 310,

Los Angeles, 

California 90020

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M-F: 8am – 4pm
Weekends: Closed

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(562) 480-7251

Meeting the Needs of All Learners via Universally Designed Instruction.

Dr. Artis Callaham

Founding Director, The Nia (Purpose) Foundation Inc



What Are Schools Saying?

“Educational Concepts Group, Inc is our lifeline for special education compliance”.

R. Mackabee

Inner City Education Foundation

“Thanks, we really couldn’t have pulled off the District Validation Review with flying colors without you”.

A. Jackson

Culture and Language Academy of Success

“Thanks for putting your Speech and Language specialists to work in Inglewood Unified Schools. Your team has truly made a difference”

Marjorie-Former SPED Director

IUSD 2018

Events & Upcoming News

Statement Of Solidary

Statement Of Solidary

The NIA (Purpose) Foundation, Inc. stands in solidarity by all communities feeling the hurt and anger of the racial injustices and violence our Black community faces on a daily basis. As a non-public agency founded by a Black woman to serve inner-city schools in the...

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Gen. Ed. Substitute Teachers

Speech Therapists &Teachers


Special Education Case Managers

Our staff Is Fully Licensed and Credentialed

If you feel equipped to make a difference in the lives of unique learners, we are always hiring. 

Telephone: (562) 480-7251


Office Hours: M-F: 8am - 4pm

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(562) 480-7251


533 S. Harvard Blvd. Suite 310,

Los Angeles, 

California 90020

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