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The NIA (Purpose) Foundation, Inc. stands in solidarity

By all communities feeling the hurt and anger of the racial injustices and violence our Black community faces on a daily basis. As a non-public agency founded by a Black woman to serve inner-city schools in the Southern California region, we have seen firsthand the effects of over policing in our inner-city schools and fully support the Black Lives Matter movement across the country. The special needs students we serve are often victims of increased rates of violence and mistreatment from school police and security officers. The NIA Foundation commits to finding additional ways to address these unique challenges and advocate for the humanity of these students.


The NIA Foundation, Inc. was founded on our namesake’s principle of ‘purpose’ and we have embedded that in the services we provide, the people we entrust to carry out our mission, and the communities we assist. We prioritize support for special educational services with direct pupil and family services in culturally competent, racially sensitive, and LGBTQ+ friendly ways. Inclusion is part of our DNA and fabric and our staff reflects this. The NIA Foundation, Inc. hires and trains service providers who are committed not only to academic excellence, but the overall wellbeing of students and families. Furthermore, we hold the charter schools, public and non-public schools, districts, and counties we partner with to these same standards.


Lastly, we recognize that silence is not an option during this time. We support the protesters around the world have taken to the streets to protest police brutality and racial discrimination in U.S. cities, including Los Angeles. Our own CEO has proudly joined in local demonstrations and marches. For those looking for ways to take action, we encourage you to reach out to organizations focused on combatting injustice and its effects. 


As an educational organization, we Purposely serve the Black community and you will always matter to us.




The NIA Foundation, Inc.


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