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Statement Of Solidary

Statement Of Solidary

The NIA (Purpose) Foundation, Inc. stands in solidarity by all communities feeling the hurt and anger of the racial injustices and violence our Black community faces on a daily basis. As a non-public agency founded by a Black woman to serve inner-city schools in the...

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Virtual Engagements  During CoVid Closure

Virtual Engagements During CoVid Closure

Interactive Virtual Learning Platforms Virtual Field Trips: NIA Enrichment Camp! Retain your students over "breaks". Don’t lose your students to the larger Districts' Enrichment programs. Offer Virtual Tours to Museums, Cathedrals, Gardens, and Historical...

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Virtual Instruction and Therapy

Virtual Instruction and Therapy

Bitmoji UDL Classrooms: Virtual Classrooms are a great way for educators to deliver content to students in a fun and engaging way.   Our Teachers create an animated, interactive experience for students. We organize the images in our...

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Gen. Ed. Substitute Teachers

Speech Therapists &Teachers


Special Education Case Managers

Our staff Is Fully Licensed and Credentialed

If you feel equipped to make a difference in the lives of unique learners, we are always hiring. 

Telephone: (562) 480-7251


Office Hours: M-F: 8am - 4pm

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